Friday, May 20, 2016

KBAR 29: Adjectives

           One adjective that describes Diana is caring. She was really caring because she helped out as much people as you could have. For example she donated money to charities to help people and she also feed those in need. Another adjective would be brave. I say brave because she did things some other people wouldn't do. She touched people with illness and with AIDS.  Diana didn't really care what people said about her so she just kept doing what she always does, help out the people.

Friday, May 13, 2016

KBAR 28: I'm The Author

I wrote the book "Princess Diana" because people need to learn the amazing life this woman had. Diana was a normal girl that a lot of people didn't pay much attention to. She started getting a lot of attention when she got married to the Prince. People need to know that Diana helped people in need and that she changed people's life in good ways. Diana donated lots of money to charities. She even sold some of her favorite dresses that cost thousands of dollars just to help people in need. This just shows how Diana was very important and how people needed to hear about her.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

KBAR 27: New Endings

                   So this week I finished my book about Princess Diana. The ending was really sad because Diana dies. If I could change the ending to Diana's life and ending it would be that she never died. But since I can't d anything lets just pretend I can. Anyways I would of wanted Diana and William to have gotten back together and that they still would of stayed as a family with there kids. But what i did like about the ending was that Diana wasn't with her kids or family or else they also would have died which would have been worse. And i also liked how she was always there for everyone who needed her.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


      This week in my KBAR I will be talking about my house and saying ow it will be like if it belonged to Princess Diana. First of all my house would be bigger than the one I have right now. It will be full of antique and very expensive things. But there would be 2 different houses. One would be rich, expensive and fancy because that's what she was. But then the other house would be a "normal" house, kind of like not very fancy but at the same time fancy. I'm saying this because that's who she was, before she met prince charles, she was just normal.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

KBAR 25: Movie??

              I think that the book about Princess Diana would make a good movie. If Diana were still alive she will make this biography movie even better because it's her life ans it has a lot of emotion. I think this because in the book it doesn't really talk about her emotions or actions, and I think that the movie will do really good with this because we will be able to see her face and not just see it. I personally think that in the movie there will be more better description of the settings because i'm personally a visual learner and in a movie you can see everything The movie will be sad since Princess Diana did die in a car accident, and I think that this will be really difficult to see for some people including me.

Monday, April 25, 2016


      I think that forces beyond our  control shape a persons life more. Human agency is good for you personally because you can decide what clothes you want to wear and what shoes and your lifestyle. But I think forces beyond our control is better for everyone, for example kids don't choose if they want to go to school, they have too and thats better for you so you can have a good life.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kbar 23: summary

     So this week I finished my book.  So at the beginning of my book it talks about princess Diana's early life and also prince Charles early life.  And then it talks about how they both met and how they got married and then they had kids and then it starts talking about how they started arguing.  So prince Charles always did stuff princes Diana didn't enjoy doing and she got upset and she didn't know how to tell him how she felt until one day she told him that they weren't meant for each other and they started getting a divorce.  And so they're like continued and they both got a chance to take care of their sons and then one day princes Diana got in a car accident and she unfortunately died and it was very sad for everyone then tire family even prince Charles and his family were upset.